We've built our business around giving...

because we believe that giving back is the future of business. It's what inspires us, and our goal is to help it to inspire you too. 

give: photography for change

Our 15% donated may not be enough to create real change, but we believe in the potential of creating a culture of giving and generating excitement and education towards the act of giving back. Our vision is to help to create a world where every individual is using the means they have to help others in need.

We use the gift of photography to fund, serve, and
promote charities around the world

experience the joy of giving back

our model:


Money donated


Fundraising events planned


Different causes


Clients who have made a difference

How It Works

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Let us know your favorite charity or complete the quiz below for suggestions on a cause. We'll donate to any reputable charity!

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15% of your entire session fee is then donated! We'll take care of this part for you.

we donate 15%

Operation Underground Railroad

Operation Underground Railroad exist to rescue children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation

for the abolitionist

the hubby and I at one of our fundraisers for operation underground railroad

a few of our fav charities

Days for Girls

Days for Girls advances menstrual equity, health, dignity, and opportunity for all. 

for the feminist


Kiva's mission is to expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive. Fund a small loan, support a big dream.

for the economist


Ema4Kids is a small nonprofit founded by my dear friend who works with youth in Nigeria to empower them to become positive agents of change

for the underdog

Room to Read

Room to Read believes that world change starts with educated children.

for the intellectual

charity: water

charity: water believes in a world where everyone has clean and safe drinking water.

for the clean freak

International Rescue Committee

IRC responds to the world's worst humanitarian crises and help people to survive, recover, and rebuild.

for the bleeding heart

Science of giving

lowers blood pressure

combats loneliness and depression

reduces chronic pain and stress

boosts the immune system & promotes longer life

boosts confidence, self-esteem and sense of purpose/meaning in life

Support your local give-back businesses


fort worth

Winton & Waits
Taste Project
Worthy Co.
Treasured Heart Events
Elizabeth's Voice (nonprofit merch)

The Arrangement Project
High Point Supply Co.
Anila Global Breath
Seeds of Love
Ruthie's Food Truck

Rescue Her (Nonprofit Merch)
Wheat and Honey Co.
Imani Collective
Favor the Kind
Kuluntu Bakery
Bloom and Give
Cafe Momentum

Calyan Wax Co.

Adds joy, meaning, & purpose to your routine consumer habits - making your money matter

Why we believe in
give-back businesses

It's good for your health (see Science of Giving below) 



Raises funds & awareness for different causes and giving opportunities


Allows you to vote with your dollar for the kind of world you want to live in


Provides a way for business owners to use their unique resources & skillsets to make a positive contribution


Part of our mission is to donate our photography services to worthy causes or individuals in need. Know of someone who could benefit from our pro bono services? Contact us to nominate them! 

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